Computer Controlled Christmas Lights

Brought to you by Jason Malinowski, Justin Beck, and Chris Meyer

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Control the Lights!

You can control the lights online right from the comfort of your own home! Of course, realize that there may be many other people controlling the lights at the same time, so expect slightly erratic results!

Status: Off for the holidays! Merry Christmas. We are off to home!

Here is a video of our lights when they were on

Behind the Scenes Video

We finally have a little video that we threw together to give you an idea on how this all works. Requires Windows Media Player, or anything else that can view the wmv format. We have it on the following mirrors:

You can also read about the details if you are either technically-inclined, curious, or unable to access the video due to Slashdottings.


There are also some pictures avalible if you want to browse a (small) gallery.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to the University ResNet for helping us out with the bandwidth that we know we will incur. Thanks ResNet!