Computer Controlled Christmas Lights

Brought to you by Jason Malinowski, Justin Beck, and Chris Meyer FAQ

Replied by: Justin Beck

What is this !@#$?

These are christmas lights. Thats it. It just happens to be that you can control them :-)

Do we need a hot girlfriend?

That depends on you who you ask? But you will hear both answers: Yes and Yes

Are we geniuses?

Thank you for the complement! But we really aren't, we just have a little too much fun being nerds! :-) If it is any comfort for you... I spell anything

Is this fake?

For you doubters, critical minds... you might want to look at the videos and also look at the pictures

What is the point?

Why? ... Why not? :: but to be real, its fun, enjoyable, challenging, and of course to keep you guys from studing from studing.

How does your place not burn down?

Good question... Gods Blessings is all I can think of. We try to be a little careful, were the only dorm on the floor who has a fire Extinguisher

Has this got us laid?

Nope, but closer to it :-) but sometimes when we're so far from it... being closer doesn't make it feel any warmer at night

So how the do you study with all the clicking?

Studing.... yeah... such a good idea.. but to be honest, you get used to it. and we play a lot of music which covers it up

Can you sleep with them on?

Jason most certainly can't, I can as soon as I am asleep, getting to sleep is a little hard, I have to cover my eyes. :-)

Why not use solid state relays? No relay noise.

Briliant! Your right on the right track, next year we will hopefully use Triacs, which is like an AC transistor. Great Idea!


Only at night! :-)

Howd you guys do this?

Check out the details page

How much free time do we have?

Too much :-) hopefully we'll get more! but we all know the trends of life so changing our perspective is our only hope

Its like you skipped how can I irritate others; and went right to "how can I punish myself?"


who goes to sleep at 12? noobs

I do... I am sorry, I really actually felt bad about cutting out your guys fun... but I have a Calc final today, and my mind is about as good as a can of trash when I don't have much sleep

This is some MIT @#$% or what?

Almost, UW-Madison

how many people are logged on?

a Lot, we have had about 11000 visitors, we have maps of were our visitors are from, their be posted eventually

Can't you just have pictures behind it?

We could... but we don't, actually just doing the real thing is simpilar then hacking together a fake. Which is true for most things in life.. lieing is just too much work.

Getting any sleep

A little

Thank you very much for all of your light clicks